I am a failure. I admit it. No need to hide it. I fail at almost everything I do. At least on the first try. I wonder sometimes if this was destined.

Was it a plan made up by the petty gods? Are there sounds of laughter, in the heavens, as I fall down once more? Do they rejoice in my pain? Are my failures popcorn events for the high and mighty?

If this was planned, then it seems a senseless plan to me. For their amusement is but a time-limited pleasure. A silly whim that has all the potential of lasting as long as a fly’s life. Even the blind have more foresight than any small-minded petty god.

What part of this do they not get? How is this not apparent to them? How can you be all-knowing and all-powerful, yet not get this?

For it is clear, that in failure there is learning. Learning leads to experience. Experience leads to wisdom. There is no easy route to wisdom. It cannot be gained by watching life. It can only be gained by living it.

While the gods watch their life TVs, like so many people, they wait with baited breath for the unseen conclusion. However, that conclusion is not so hard to see. If your blinders have been removed by wisdom, the outcome is very clear indeed.

For every failure, there is progress. Every failure grants another step forward. Every failure is another advancement, towards the one thing watchers, can never achieve.



© 2011- J.B. Thomas