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Orange juice in his right hand, while he sat upon the wooden fence, gazing out at the morning sunrise. While orange left his glass the sky replaced it with every passing moment. The sun peaked up from the horizon and he contemplated how much he enjoyed this morning time. In his reflection of this, a past memory escaped his mind, and sent shivers down his spine. A warm southern breeze blew around him and through him. The autumn leaves danced and jiggled out an intricate dance. Their dance entertained his mind for a moment and the dark cloud of past memory left him briefly. The smell of oak and hay gently caressed his nostrils and he welcomed it. Then he saw a car upon the road and his mind immediately went back to that day of darkness. A day he would gladly forget. A day he would do anything to forget. A day he would never forget. A day he was now about to revisit once more.

 That day was much like any other morning. He’d been sitting upon the fence, drinking orange juice when a car appeared, driving down the road. The car was not doing anything out of the ordinary. It was driving a respectable speed and seemed to be staying well within the confines of the road. It took the car quite awhile to reach the edge of his land. Out in the country a person could see for miles. He liked that. The open sky made him feel like he could breath deeper. He believed these deeper breathes cleared his mind and he enjoyed the lucidity that he found in that.

 The car had nearly reached his driveway, when suddenly it sharply veered off the road and slammed into one of the trees, that lined the front of his property. For a moment he was not quite he’d seen that correctly. As smoke arose from the car, the fog of shock left his mind and he quickly jumped from the fence and ran to his Jeep 4 x 4. He quickly turned the jeep around and drove down the long driveway out to the road. When he arrived at the road he cautiously parked his Jeep a safe distance from the car incase it exploded, then climbed out and slowly made his way to the car.

 The car slammed into the tree with considerable force and the entire front end of the vehicle vouched for the impact. It was buckled from right to left. The windshield had a large indentation on the driver’s side and the spidery cracks hid what lied beyond in the car. He could discern no movement and the smoke that had been bellowing from the hood of the car seemed to be diminishing. However, not knowing the exact extent of the damage, he remained cautious as he approached the vehicle.

 Arriving at the driver’s side window he peered inside and saw a woman slumped over in the driver’s seat. He could see blood trickling down her forehead. He reached for the door handle and found it unlocked. Carefully opening the door he inquired, ” Mame? Mame, are you o.k.?” No response. He tried again, “Mame, can you hear me?” Still no response or movement. He took a couple of steps back and considered his options. He was afraid of moving her. She might have a spinal injury and thus moving her would be bad. However, the car was still smoking and that was not safe either. He decided he should move her.

 Carefully he stepped back to the car, leaned in, and lifted her from the vehicle. She was much lighter that he expected. He walked back to the Jeep with her in arms, managed to open the passenger door, and slip her into the seat. Now that he’d rescued her from the vehicle he was unsure of what to do with her. The clinic in town would not be open for at least a couple more hours. It was far too early in the morning for that. The nearest hospital was over 100 miles away. Anyone needing hospital care out here was usually taken by helicopter. That left only one option and it was the option he liked the least. He would have to take her directly to the local doctors house. He did not like the doctor and that feeling was mutual. It was not anything particular that he did not like about him. It was just one of those general feelings you get, when in the presence of someone, you simply do not trust. Looking at the poor woman bleeding in his Jeep, he realized there was no other choice. He climbed back into the Jeep and sped off down the road towards the doctor’s house.

to be continued…

Please realize that this is just a basic first draft with very limited editing down. In other words, try to enjoy the story, without looking for things to critique. Thx for reading!


© 2011- J.B. Thomas