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Just moving another writing over to my author site.

The Inner Mirror


In the rainbow we can see the many colors of our existence,

yet we live with so much pretence.

So why do we seek so much what cannot be found?

Are our reasons really that sound?


Is there ever really a reason for not seeing?

Maybe we are just too busy being!

Shouldn’t we just stop and take the time?

To hear the music and enjoy the rhyme.


So we took a deep look within,

and found that none of us are free of sin.

We saw all of our trials and tribulations,

we saw the great joys and jubilations.


We began to see the light at the end,

and all the hurt, that with time, did mend.


The rhythm and rhyme,

began to flow.

Our knowledge and understanding,

Soon did grow.


Is all that matters in life,

to live in harmony, not strife?

In the end it is a mystery,

to be enjoyed until we are history.


©-2006 JB Thomas