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In keeping with my promise to bring all things related to writing to my author site, I post this today. It is a consolidation of two posts that were made a while back on my personal blog. As of 10/2/11, I am at approx. 45k words in this novel and it is my current WIP. If you want to make sure you you know when this book is released, or any future books, please click the subscribe button. So here is the book cover and the opening of Shadow Shifters.


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Keep in mind this is just a rough draft of the opening chapter, so if you leave a comment, be kind. 🙂


Shadow Shifters

Chapter 1

 With the wind whipping through his hair, Joshua realized why he liked the wind. Not because of the way it felt flowing through his hair, which was nice. It was the way it made him feel. Like he was some kind of god and the wind was his to control. Maybe god was not the proper word. Perhaps not, since all great power contained responsibility and he had no responsibility sitting upon his shoulders. At least not any great responsibility. He only had the stuff that most teenagers his age had and right now the only thing he needed to do was beat the school bus home. Technically, he did not have to beat the bus home but he wanted to. It was not a hard thing to do either. As long as he stuck to the path he created for himself, he could easily do it. It felt good to beat it home though. Being able to sit down and watch TV, while all the other schmucks stood around waiting for the bus, gave him some small sense of accomplishment.

 Kicking the pedals hard, Joshua flew through the back streets and yards. No, his path was not an established one. It was one he’d chosen through a series of trial and error in order to find the quickest way home. Quickest did not mean safest or most comfortable either. Anyone who has ever ridden a bike through yards knows that can be a bumpy ride. However, the rule of the straightest line between two points does not guarantee it to be an easy line, only a straight one. There is also no guarantee of safety. He knew his path was not necessarily the safest. In fact, it was probably a dangerous one. There was always the risk of one of the lawn owners coming out and catching him speeding through their yards, and almost certainly, there was the even more remote chance of a car coming down one of the streets as he few into it from a yard or back street. But what fun would a bike ride be without a little element of danger? Yes, just the riding itself could be fun depending on any number of variables such as where, when, with whom, and why, but knowing there was some risk involved always made the ride that much more interesting.

 Joshua was enjoying today’s ride more than usual due to the abundance of wind. It seemed to pour itself through every pore of his body. His body seemed to feel as though it were the center of an electrical storm. Electricity flowing in and out of him in all directions as the wind gushed around him sending charges of energy and cold to random parts of his body. He did not feel like a god today, he felt better than a god. Full of energy, power, and  freedom.

 Perhaps he was enjoying the energy that was rushing through him too much. Perhaps he was simply not paying attention. Maybe it was just the fact that he was going so fast through a dangerous part of the path. It was possible it was a combination of all these things or none. It was possible, indeed even more probable, that it was a twist of fate that was meant to be and when fate is involved, there is really nothing we can do about that. Whatever the reasons for it happening, it might be something best left for, another day’s ponderings. It was not until the last second that Joshua saw the blur of blue. The blur that slammed into him. The blue car that sent him flying into the air. It forced giant needles of pain up and down his spine as he crashed into the windshield. Then it seemed to him, as if some angry god began twisting the world around, like some little kid with a kaleidoscope. The colors of the world spun around into crazy mixtures of colors and as he slammed to the ground with grinding thump, those colors turned to gray and finally, to darkness.

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