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Here is another old writing. This one was conceived back during my group days. I think next post will be something book related. Stay tuned(subscribe if you want to make sure you don’t miss  book related posts)!

Only a Dreamer

Would believe, even yet, that there is hope for the world.

With children killing children and

mothers weeping evermore and nevermore.

With air that poisons, water that kills,

the power-mongers get their wares sold,

the price is only the blood of our youth.

With a soul having less value,

than the neighborhood madame.

The cost of honesty,

far more than a life’s wages.

With lies having more meaning and use,

than texts of old spouting,

honor, courage, and faith.

With God’s own followers,

being more evil than,

the  most nefarious image,

Hollywood can wisk into our homes.

With chaos being the norm and normality a creature of extinction.

With memeories of pain being more desired than visions of the present.

When dispair is a virtue every being knows better than kindness.

Only a dreamer can see and still believe there is hope.

©-2006 J.B. Thomas