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Yep, another old one and I believe the subject of this one is quite clear. Enjoy!

Tell me…

Will I ever run again?
Will I feel the joy of speed gathered by my footsteps?

Will I ever play again?
Feeling the joy of knowing who I am with, feels it too?

Will I ever know what love at 1st sight is?
Is this pleasure far too great for me to bear?

Will I ever dream again?
For surely, I am too poisoned to believe in such things.

Will I ever stop to smell the roses?
Would it make the difference?

To bear upon the truth of one’s reality is to realize,
that many things shall not pass.
Knowing thou shalt not feel the same things as most.

Did we not earn the right,
as human beings to experience,
the essential things of life?

Will I feel life again?
Before I die?

Give me just one thing before I die…
Anything, I have not known in this life, thus far.

©-2006 J.B. Thomas