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Here is another old writing from way back in my old group days. See if you can guess what I am speaking of before you get to the end. Enjoy!



I steal your youth..like a malicious thief with knife or gun.
I steal your health…like a crooked doctor practicing malpractice for kicks.
I steal your mind… like a scientist playing frankenstein on speed.

I am ageless and forever.
I crush mountain and slay all who stand before me.
I change the course of river.
I turn land into sea and back again.

I greet each new generation.
I say goodbye to each one.
I greet each day and night.
I remember and forget all.

I am priceless and cannot be bought.
Merciless and methodical.
Absorbing and absolute.
Ever changing and unchangeable.

I am TIME.

©-2006 J.B. Thomas