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Here is another writing from the distant past. Reading it you might assume you know what it is about but in this case you are likely wrong.  Appearances can sometimes be deceiving. Enjoy!

I Die in the Night

I slip out into the dark, dank night.
A thought…need brings me forth.
Moonlight slipping and filling the dark sky,
an inner struggle for power,
conveys my journey into reality.

Do not mistake me for a fool,
or some misguided jackal, with no conscience.
For I am neither…
I know what I do,
what I seek,
the pain I shall cause.

Revel not, in what has to come,
battle for the clarity, reason…
the justification for the end.

Guided by the sounds…
of breath, laughter,
a twinkle of humanity…
harsh against the silence, the night presents.

Upon the park bench she sits…
young, fragile, innocence overflowing,
such intense fragrance.
A portrait in need of an artist to complete it.

My mind beats out the song,
my heart can no longer carry.
Longing, lust, anger, ache.
Longing, lust, anger, ache.
Cannot think, for the insistent beat,
carries me inevitably forward.

The soft, tender eyes blink,
as shadow of the night becomes form.
She smiles and I die once again,
from now until past memory.

Not the only, not the last.
Mourn for, grieve for, become part of…
to slay over, eternally within the mind.

A soft gesture, caress of the supple, soft skin.
Stealthy act, grasping and becoming shadows.
The murmur of the piercing…

Onward, toward heaven perhaps…
or so the smile upon her frozen, lifeless face says.
I retreat from the night,
to relive the moment,
again… and again.

©-2006 J.B. Thomas