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Here is another old writing from many years ago. I am pretty most parents can relate to this one. Enjoy!

Till He Slumbers

I cannot remember much from my youth,
when I do, it seems so distant, untrue, foreign…
like it is someone else’s life.
Not mine to own.
A dream or ghostly vision belonging to the netherworlds.

Then I see him. He is seven.
He runs, jumps, and plays.
He pretends to be a monster
or an character from the newest T.V. show.

He is vivid, alive, and full of emotions.
The epitome of life, interwoven with energy,
wrapped in timeless wonder.

I see through his eyes,
the little everyday miracles.
The cricket hopping along the ground,
the ant making just another journey.

His eyes glow with astonishment,
excitement of the moment, in every moment.
A journey just begun,
with wonders and marvels at every turn.

I see all this vicariously through his eyes,
and then my memories seem to become more solid.
Instead of a dream they seem more like,
a reality from a distant past.
Then I become more real…

Till he slumbers…

©-2006 J.B. Thomas