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Here is another old writing from my early Modblog days. Enjoy!

A Whisper in the Dark

A whisper in the dark…

The thought comes to me.

Like an elusive dream, that is never quite grasped,

an image hazy and full of vagarities.

A child sits in the park…

Dark green grass in contrast,

with golden blond flowing.

A feather in hand and a look,

Bewilderment ? Amusement? Perhaps a little of both.

She touches the feather to her milky cheek.

A giggle, high, musical…

An single leaf floating upon the breeze.

Magical and full of life is her smile.

Leaving her own world for a moment,

she glances up and notices me.

I die as I look into her eyes.

So blue, so innocent.

Then the thought comes,

and I see clearly, perhaps for the first time.

Like a whisper in the dark,

clear, precise, yet deadly,

in it’s utterance and substance.

This moment in time is so fleeting.

The time of innocense..magic.

The time of ignorance and bliss.

The time of love…

One day it shall end for her…

I turn, as the liquid forms in my eyes,

it is not her time yet.

Not yet…

When it does happen..I wonder…

Will she remember as I ?

Will there be a whisper in the dark ?

In the answer, I do not find comfort.

©2006-J.B. Thomas