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This writing was created during my days at Modblog.com. It was born out of a very negative situation and is dedicated to anyone having to live with and tolerate bad family members. Not every family is supportive and kind to their loved ones. Some are outright abusive.



They are like a family of vampires, 

sucking the life blood from you. 

They are like an insane criminals, 

making validations, in their mind, 

for the crimes they do.

They are perverted and twisted, 

yet try to say it is the world, 

that is so.

They stab you in the back, 

then blame you, 

for having your back turned to them. 

How dare you impose upon me and those whom I love, 

your madness and cruelty! 

How dare you ruin our growth and life, 

with your ignorance and lack of fair judgement! 

How dare you pretend to care, 

when you only care for yourselves! 

Control freak to the extreme, 

all that matters is who has the power. 

Never what is right. 

Always right, never wrong. 

Perhaps you are God residing on earth? 

Ha! What a joke! 

An ignorant fool is more dangerous, 

than an intelligent being with ambition. 

You give candy coated in poison, 

then expect thanks for your treachery. 

You claim to be related, 

but I do not see any resemblance. 

In the end what you have done, 

will come back to you. 

I wonder if you shall find it, 

as distasteful as we did. 

©- 2006 JB Thomas