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Before I post this writing, I just want to state for the record that some of these writings are really frickin’ old. :)This one was originally posted Sept.11,2006. Enjoy!

One Life
One life. One chance. No more! I know I have made the mistakes. Many things pull upon our strings. Carnal desires, lusting to belong. Rapacious in everything we do. We are all looking for the answers. What if there are none? We all play the puppet.... Letting things pull our strings and speak for us.
One life. One chance. Petty emperors throw away, the value of our lives. Schemes of oil domination and profit, tear apart the threads of our society. Utterances of holy war to make right, the slaying of the innocent. Blame is passed around, like the blood of christ, at the last supper.
One life. We all seek to be the one, who makes a difference in this world. Yet, none have claimed this title. How can this be?
One Life. One chance. No More! I say, we are NOT the lost children. We are the bound children. But, we have been deceived into believing, we are FREE!
You have only one life. You have only one chance. Let those bonds that hold you, restrain you NO MORE!